Deaneasy has created and produced Tube +, a patented system tested in competition by the best enduro and downhill riders.
Simple to mount, it guarantees a long-lasting performance on every bike, no matter how big the wheel is: 26. 27.5 or 29
Pinching and beading become a problem of the past and you can finish your bike ride without ever having to call for assistance.

What are the advantages of DeanEasy Tube +?

1 the internal tube inflated at high pressures protects the rim from great impacts and in case of puncturing it is possible to finish the lap because the ground will never come into direct contact with the rim, which happens with both the inner tube and the traditional tubeless system.

2 prevents bead breaking, in fact the tubular makes it impossible for the side of the tire to leave the seat of the rim.

3 prevents pinching, the presence of the tubular reduces the space between tire and rim, so in case of large impacts prevents the tubeless to bend over itself preventing the cut of the side.

In addition to these three advantages it allows us to adjust the pressure of our tires at pressures never seen before, in fact with this system you can cycle with 0.8 bar wheel pressure , so you can customise your tyre pressure according to your needs allowing you the best possible performance in every condition of use.

Mtb enduro/downhill Bike wheels disadvantages?

1 the weight increase: the weight increase is about 120gr per wheel, weight that can be recovered using tubeless without the side reinforcement because the protection of the sides is given by the inner tube.

2 you have to widen the valve hole, the downside to the installation. It seems a bigger obstacle than it is in reality, many doubts are raised about the possible loss of warranty, you can ask any mechanic how many aluminum rims are actually replaced in warranty? They will tell you that very few are in fact the majority (especially those intended for enduro and DH) are replaced because broken or skewed and the warranty does not respond to this type of damage, also this risk with the DeanEasy system is very small thanks to the protection that the system provides.