TNT is an alternative system to taping to convert Tubeless Ready rims. The kit allows the covering of the holes in the rim through a cap made of an innovative plastic compound able to expand and adapt to the hole in the rim thanks to the supplied grain. For aluminum rims without insulation on the joint it is NECESSARY to apply a small piece of tape.

Il kit is composed of:
• 70 plugs
• 70 grains
• 1 assembly tool
• 1 piece of tape for the joint

art. 160/7,5 – BLUE per Ø 7,5 mm spoke holes
art. 160/8 – RED Ø 8 mm spoke holes
art. 160/9 – YELLOW Ø 9 mm spoke holes
art. 160/10 – GREEN Ø 9,5/10 mm spoke holes


Here are a couple of guidelines, for those who are about to buy the TNT system. As we strive for excellence in ‘Customer Care’ and we want to absolutely make sure that the taps are right for your rims.

1. Your rims must be ‘tubeless ready’
2. The Spoke holes with the rim must be centrally positioned and have a depth of at least 0,6 cm
3. The minimum internal channel width must be at least 23 mm, otherwise the plugs will not fit
4. Tnt is suitable for all sizes of wheels with the above characteristics
If in doubt please contact us before ordering and send us photo’s and full specs of your rims, so we can make sure that they are ‘Tnt Ready’.