BCA DISC – 6 Holes – 140 MM – SP:1.9


➊ They are composed of two non-floating pieces and therefore lighter than single-blocks;
➋ the ergal spider anchored to the track reduces vibrations transmitted to pads/pistons;
➌ the chamfers and fins on the brake track dissipate heat, facilitating disc cooling.

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The disc is a non-floating type and consists of two pieces: the spider made of Ergal (with a special anodization that gives it the finish you see in the photos) and the braking track made of AISI 420 steel milled and machined with micrometer precision to a thickness of 1.95 mm.
That is, a greater thickness than most road bike discs.
But what advantages do BCA brake discs allow?
More importantly, are they compatible with all brake systems?

The advantages of BCA brake discs ? :

  • The increased braking track thickness (from 1.95 mm) improves heat dissipation, and the machining and material used for the braking track improve friction while optimizing pad wear.
  • BCA uses a steel (AISI 420) that is higher quality than the average steel used on discs and is capable of a precision of construction rare to see in the bicycle industry.
  • The "bibs" you see highlighted in the photo below are not there because of an oversight or manufacturing error (and therefore should not be removed...), but for a very specific function: to renew the pad, removing friction material that would otherwise remain longer either on the disc or on the pad itself, reducing braking performance.
  • The two-piece (non-floating) design reduces weight and the amount of vibration transmitted from the disc to the frame.
  • As for weight, a 160 mm BCA disc from Centerlock weighs 118 g and is also available with a 6-hole mount.

The compatibility of BCA brake discs ? :

  • Yes answer, provided, however, that new (original) pads are adopted and the hydraulic system is purged.
  • The increased disc thickness requires a minimum of attention when resetting the caliper pistons, nothing a good mechanic can't do.
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