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Gaia is a Cross Country Marathon athlete with a visceral passion for endurance feats.

From this year it is part of Team Ktm Dama Alchemist:

He started riding “late” at the age of 23.

After so many years of athletics, he had stopped with competition and sport; then she met her husband Alessandro and driven by wanting to share something with him, the great passion for MTB was born… and something awoke in her: the desire to go beyond all limits.

He began to train with great perseverance, with sacrifice and certainly making countless mistakes.

He would wake up in the morning at 4 a.m. so he wouldn’t miss an hour of training. He finished working, changed directly in the box, mounted the lights and left again.

At the time he had heard of the 24H Solo of Finale Ligure.

It seemed incredible to her that a person could stand day and night on a bike, without ever stopping… and so he absolutely had to try!

In 2014 he took part in his first 24H Solo and, to everyone’s amazement, even made it to the podium!
In 2015 he took a memorable beating, finishing second at the 24H European Championships: he described it as one of the most stressful races of his short but intense career.
It was thanks to that lesson that she managed to win the world title of 24H Solo in 2017, setting the women’s record on the course of Finale Ligure and entering, unexpectedly, in the records of the city of Genoa.

In 2018 a series of complications did not allow her to arrive at the World Championships, which would be held in Fort William at the end of October, with the necessary preparation.
24H of rain / 14H of darkness:

“I gave the 100 but it wasn’t enough, we weren’t prepared. It was a good defeat, but it’s the right spring to arrive prepared, as never before, next year.”

In July 2019 he won again
the 24H Wembo World Championship in Brazil,
400km and 9000 of altitude.

At the same time, he has always participated in Marathon XCO and Enduro races.


Last year he took part in the European Marathon championships with the Italian national team while this year he won an important international stage of the Uci Marathon Series and has obtained numerous podiums in prestigious national and international races.

“Dressing the blue jersey was a great satisfaction and an immense honor, but I confess that my real passion is sports “enterprises” (as in part can be considered a 24H): that’s where I manage to convey emotions to others as well.”

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