Air liner (formerly known as Abs roc) is made by Deaneasy but is the exclusive property of Vittoria Industries Ltd  that has exclusive global sales rights on this product. So any requests will be forwarded onto their sales offices though our privileged channels.

The cuttable foam Air Liner mountain bike tyre insert from Vittoria offers run-flat protection and adds damping to normal tyre rebound.

Protection: Both wheel and tire are protected by the Air-Liner insert. By cushioning impacts from within the tire, your expensive rim remains protected, while eliminating flats caused by rim-strike impacts.

Control: The Air-Liner insert replaces air volume in the tire. The reduced air volume allows the tire to compress and rebound in a more controlled manner compared to standard tubeless systems.

Performance: Side-to-side tire stability is increased, yet the tread remains soft and grippy. This improves cornering, climbing, and braking performance.

Durability: This highly durable polymer material has been tested to a projected life of 2000 hours under normal riding. Run-flat downhill performance proofed by pro-riders around the world.

Air-Liner is compatible with any wheel diameter up to 29” (700c), and is designed to be trimmed during install for a perfect fitment around your wheel. Air-Liner comes in 4 sizes to best suit your riding style.