Our Special Team

Alberto Deaneasy, experienced mechanic, with DeanEasy designed Tube+ following his intuition about the use of a tubular both for the protection of the rim and against the burping of the tyre. After a number of tests and product development stages, followed hands-on testing by himself, the definitive product has been finally obtained. And it has become the ultimate system for every mountain-biker.

In 2008 He was already handling a brilliant system and He just couldn’t believe that any big brand had already designed it. He then decided to patent it and to enter the fray. Before, however, He got rid of the extra hole on the rim and designed a single valve to avoid the obstruction issues that the double exit was showing (the tubular blocking the air valve of the tubeless) together with the tubular valves tearing off.

Through the years Deaneasy has be recognised as one of the Market Pioneers in Italy and abroad for inventing and improving Adventure Cycling… Solving many day-to day problems. In fact it has won prestigious awards for its innovation at national trade fairs and had been eagerly reviewed by the best Mountain bike Media Platforms Italy and abroad.

The Team is composed of a Bilingual ‘Experienced Specialised Sector Professionals’ who strive everyday to bring you the ‘Only the Best’ Cycling Solutions to help you win your Race or to get you down your next descent safe and not sorry.

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