Story of DeanEasy // TUBE+ - DeanEasy
Il sistema brevettato a doppia camera d'aria che garantisce alla tua mountainbike un protezione anti foratura e anti pizzicatura sicuro al 100%.
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Alberto, experienced mechanic, with DeanEasy designed Tube+ following his intuition about the use of a tubular both for the protection of the rim and against the burping of the tyre. After a number of tests and product development stages, followed hands-on testing by himself, the definitive product has been finally obtained. And it is going to be the ultimate system for every mountain-biker.
In 2008 I was already handling a brilliant system and I just couldn't believe that any big brand had already designed it. I then decided to patent it and to enter the fray. Before, however, I got rid of the extra hole on the rim and I designed a single valve to avoid the obstruction issues that the double exit was showing (the tubular blocking the air valve of the tubeless) together with the tubular valves tearing off.

Alberto designed an innovative system that developed over the years.