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Il sistema brevettato a doppia camera d'aria che garantisce alla tua mountainbike un protezione anti foratura e anti pizzicatura sicuro al 100%.
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Frequently Ask Questions DeanEasy // TUBE+

Does the system work exclusively with aluminium rims?
For now the system is only guaranteed with aluminium rims. If you have carbon rims contact us at and we will let you know if we are able to fix the system also on your rims. In any case, the rims have to be sent to us.


What kind of conversion needs to be done to the rim?
The conversion simply consists in widening the valve hole on the rim, up to 10 mm of diameter. If you are handy with this kind of things, you can even do it by yourself. Otherwise it is better to ask for help from the authorised dealers.


How does the valve get fixed to the rim?
With the hole of the right dimension, the valve gets secured to the rim screwing two elements in and using a bi-component structural adhesive. Following in detail the manual indications.


Once I have modified the rim, could I pull the system off and re-use the rim or use the system with a different rim (for example if the old rim is damaged or I decide to change my wheels)?
It is possible to remove the valve and to use it again with another rim. However, this is quite a tricky job and we recommend letting the authorized centres do it. It is worth mentioning that the valve can be used both with traditional tubeless wheels and wheels with inner tubes.


Is the system designed for the three different wheel sizes?
Yes, as mentioned in the web-page, Tube+ is available for the three sizes 26″, 27,5″ and 29″.


Will the system be developed also for rims wider than 25 mm?
In principle the system can be applied also to rim widths above 25 mm. At the moment we are not able to comply with this type of requests, but we are working on it.


The dealers authorized to the rim conversion are in Lombardy, Piedmont, Veneto, Trentino, and Tuscany. Will there be other dealers in the rest of the country too or will the wheels need to be sent to the existing dealers?
A mechanic with basic technical expertise is perfectly capable of becoming an authorized dealer. There is no need for special investments and in one single day it is possible to learn how to handle the system. For what concerns ourselves, we welcome all those interested in becoming dealers.


How could Schwalbe commercialize a very similar system if DeanEasy is a patent?
Our system is an international patent for what concerns the valve. We use an internal tubular that reduces the weight and keeps the system very easy. The two products are very different, even if they have a similar goal.


Have you planned any long-term test with the help of specialist magazines?
TUBE+ has been tested by many magazines of the cycling industry, online as well. You can find more info here.

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